About Us

Embark on a Flavorful Journey with us! Atare Foods is a Canadian food company that draws inspiration from the diverse and vibrant flavors of West Africa.

At the heart of our journey is a deep-rooted passion for food and a commitment to making diverse and nourishing flavors accessible to everyone. It all began with a vision: to share the genuine essence of this extraordinary region with the world. Our products are crafted using top-quality ingredients and traditional techniques, ensuring that each bite is a true flavor experience.

We firmly believe that remarkable flavors should be universally accessible. Our products are crafted to appeal to a wide range of palates, so whether you're a seasoned food enthusiast or new to West African cuisine, come explore a world of flavors with us.

Current offerings:

Atasu chilli oil: Bold, flavor-packed, and fiery, Atasu is the versatile chili-oil condiment for your pantry.

Jollof Now: Slowly stewed blend of tree ripened tomatoes, peppers, and onions. Delicious foundation for many dishes.

Sweet Plantain chips: Delicious, gluten & added sugar free, with only 3 ingredients. Hand crafted to satisfy sweet and salty cravings with a satisfying crunch.